• Laura


Autumn has finally arrived! It took a while to get here, but I'm delighted to see it!

A lot of people get excited for spring, seeing the promise of new life and things in bloom… or summer, where we get unfairly excited about the weather and summer months (although to be fair this year has been pretty decent on the weather front!) but for me, Autumn is where it's at.

No more googling weather forecasts to try and dress appropriately for the hit and miss weather, sweating profusely, not being able to sleep due to the heat, holiday envy, none stop barbeques (the first few are great, but it gets a little tiring eating the same old chargrilled meat!) and fecking insects. Instead we can relish the slower pace that autumn brings with it's sweet smells and sights.

Autumn is my absolute favourite season, there is basically nothing not to love about it, and here's why….

1 - The weather!

Ok, so some people might not agree with me on this one… but hear me out. Summer is always such a let down! We all wait for the temeratures to hit the 20's, and then as soon as it does, we overheat and there is a hosepipe ban. With Autumn, you know what you're getting… consistently cool temperatures and a nice breeze. Sorted.

2 - The mornings.

You know what I mean - just as the sun comes up, it's cool and crisp so you can see your breath in the air, the dew on the cobwebs, and the crisp leaves under your feet. A countryside stroll on a misty autumn morning is just beautiful.

3 - The food.

Summer is all about eating light and healthy - smoothies and salads. By September, I'm ready to never see another avocado again! In autumn it is all about the stodge. Soups, stews, roast dinners, potatoes galore, cottage pie, gravy, sprouts… pie and peas down the local.

It's my favourite time of the year to cook and bake as well, taking advantage of the harvest with things like pumpkin soup, blackberry and apple crumble, stews full of root vegetables and squashes. Yum.

4 - The colours.

It's the only time of year that I would say I actually like orange or brown! All those reds, golds, yellows, deep purples and browns make for a beautiful colour pallette.

5 - The return of the pumpkin spice latte. Enough said.

6 - Hibernating… Cosy nights in.

In the summer when the weather is nice, you feel forced to head out in the evenings and make the most of it… sitting outside a crowded pub or bar, in a crowded beer garden, being munched on by little bugs, sipping a lukewarm drink, all while hovering between mildly cold and so warm you can feel the sweat running down your scalp. In autumn, you can avoid all of this by just staying at home, snuggled up in front of the sofa, watching the latest series on netflix.

7 - Guiltless anti social behavior.

See above point… due to the cold weather and the dark nights, you don't need to feel guilty about missing social gatherings. You don't need to feel bad about wanting to stay at home, hiding inside, reading a book and drinking cocoa as opposed to going on yet another picnic where your food ends up warm, slimy and wilted, you have to move 20 times to keep the kids in the shade, and you have to wrestle with at least 150 wasps, all who want a bit of your slightly soggy sandwich.

8 - Blankets.

On the sofa, on your bed… I even have one up in my office to wrap myself up warm when I'm working from home. All the warm, fuzzy feelings.


10 - Halloween.

My favourite "holiday!" basically an excuse to wear fancy dress, get drunk, and eat copious amounts of sweets and chocolate. What's not to like? I love watching halloween films (in particular Hocus Pocus!) and decorating the house, carving pumpkins and making my annual halloween themed cake.

11 - Bonfire night.

On the subject of holidays/ celebrations, I couldn’t miss out bonfire night! I always look for a small, local bonfire offering a simple, traditional affair. I've mentioned before that I really don't like all the over-commercial hype that people seem to be going for these days, with big events meaning loud music, masses of food trucks selling rubbery burgers, and sometimes even a (somewhat precarious) fairground. I want a field, where you have to wear your wellies, a simple fire, toffee apples/ bonfire toffee made by the locals, maybe a food stall offering jacket supds and a mulled wine, and a decent firework display. That's all it needs to be folks, stop ruining it!

12 - Cinnamon. In candles, tea, baking, coffee…. Just cinnamon.

13 - The dark.

The shorter days mean a couple of things for me - one, Frank seems to be sleeping much later now he is not being woken up by the morning late, and two - I don't feel judged when I crawl into bed stupidly early because it's already dark outside, and by my book, that means bedtime.

14 - The cold.

Yep, I bloody love the cold! I can sleep better at night because I'm not permanently over heating, and my duvet has gone from a stifling furnace into a warm cosy place of paradise. I'm not permanently sweating, with a glossy sheen covering my face (upper lip sweat anyone? Attractive). And in the cold, warming up in the heat feels so much better… a bath, a log fire, a wooly hat and scarf. Throw in some cushions, a couple of blankets and a hot drink and I am made.

15 - Scented candles.

There are no finer smells than Autumn scented candles… the musky mix of herbs and spices… delicious.

16 - The clothes.

Finally I can hide my arms back where they belong - in sleeves!! I can relax and wear clothes that I am comfortable in without showing skin, having to permanently shave my legs, or risk visible sweating. Layering is king! Dresses with tights, comfy jumpers, chunky cardigans, jeans with boots, scarves, great coats, and big furry hats. Oh and socks. Give. Me. Socks. I am literally obsessed with the white company cashmere bed socks.

17 - The trees.

When you think of Autumn, the first thing you probably think of is beautiful falling leaves of orange, red and brown amassing in big piles on the ground. Crunching underfoot and littered with conkers and pine cones.

18 - Crisp air.

Autumn air is so refreshing, when you step outside and take a big breath in of cool, sharp, crisp air. Unlike summer where you suffocate in sweaty, boozy, humid air, that if you breathe in too quickly you could end up swallowing a fly.

19 - Hot drinks.

Tea, coffe, hot chocolate, mulled cider, mulled wine… whatever your tipple may be, nothing beats a nice warm cuppa snuggled up on the sofe with a good book or GBBO.

20 - It means it's nearly Christmas.

I'm not one for seeing Christmas decorations before Halloween, but the build up and anticipation starts for me about September time when I realise it's just around the corner! Come the first of December, I put my tree up straight away, I've already finished most my Christmas shopping, made my cake, baked a batch of mince pies, and planned at least one trip to see Father Christmas.

I just love the magic of Christmas, the festive cheer, it is by far my favourite event of the year!

What do you love about Autumn?

L x