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Updated: Aug 10, 2018

So the new year is only a few hours away and with the new year comes a whole new set of interior trends for 2018!

When it comes to your home, choosing your own style is paramount no matter what the experts say! Choosing items that you love to create a timeless and classic style is essential, regardless of what people (and yes, people includes me!) are telling you is on trend or not.

That being said, I do love a good trend and they help give your room a bit of a revamp if you feel like your décor is looking a bit tired. If you (like me) love trying out a trend, then stick to switching up your accessories rather than spending a fortune on something big that isn't going to last. Think candles/ photo frames/ cushions etc - that way, if something goes out of style, it is cheaper to replace. Or, to try out the seasons hottest new shade, look to your walls! Painting a room doesn't take a whole lot of time or money to change if you decide you don't like it, or it goes out of style, you can quite easily re--paint in an afternoon for minimum cost.

With all that in mind, here are my predictions for the most popular trends of 2018…!

1 - Warm gold/ brass tones and mixed metals

I do love the look of copper, but I also feel like it's possibly had it's day. When everyone and their sister on the high street have a copper range, it's normally a good sign to move on to the next thing!

Brass and gold finishes are more classic and timeless and they won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Whilst we are on the subject of metallics, don't feel the need to go too "matchy matchy." A while back, mixing up your metals was a total no go, but this has made way for a more eclectic mix. Think chrome and brushed steel hardware mixed in with hammered copper and warm brass lighting and furniture.

2 - Bold kitchens

The massively popular all white kitchen has had its day! Mixing your tones and finishes in your kitchen will give a much more interesting aesthetic that an all white look. Use rich colour palettes with different coloured metals (see above!) and deep gem tones.

3 - Natural, textured wooden floors

If you are replacing any of your flooring this year, look for a classic warm natural wood that adds a bit of pattern or texture to your home. Super dark, and white floorboards are fading in popularity to make way for natural tones, particularly in a herringbone layout which offers timeless, vintage appeal. And let's face it, who doesn't love a herringbone parquet floor???

4 - Out with the pink, in with the purple

2017 was all about the blush pink… it is still around, and it still looks great, but it is being over taken in 2018 by lavender and lilac tones. If bold is more your thing (see point 7!) then go for a vivid violet instead of indigo blue or sage green.

5 - Massive art

I am still a huge fan of the gallery wall, and it will always have a place in my décor, buuuut, 2018 is all about a more curated look. Go big with statement prints, and choose dark, moody photography over typography. Its timeless and elegant… leave "live, love, laugh" in 2017. It's over done and over cheesy (sorry to all LLL fans!)

According to pinterest, big wall art searches has increased by more than 600% - more than any other design trend in the pinterest 100 - setting it to be the biggest interior trend of 2018

6 - Greenery

Plants are so on trend and are a really great, affordable way to update your room and décor by adding colour. Look for patterned plants, anything with a vibrant foliage is bang on trend for 2018.

7 - Bold colours

2017 was all about deep, bold shades, and it's set to continue in 2018. Rich jewel tones such as peacock blue, black, burnt orange and violet (see point 4!) are set to reign in 2018 (Pantone have recently announced that their "Ultra Violet" shade is their colour of the year) also set to be really popular are tonal reds, and sage green.

8 - Natural materials

People care more about the story of their furniture that they have in the past - they want items that have a history, with a natural feel to them and made using sustainable materials. This can work really well with a "less is more" approach - think wicker, rattan, hammocks, hessian and jute/ macrame plant holders (for all your greenery - point 6!)

9 - Concrete

If you're feeling brave, and you're bored of basic granite then ditch it in favour of concrete. And it's not just a countertop alternative… bath tubs, fireplaces, table tops and even entire walls in concrete.

So there you have it! That's my two-pennies worth. I would love to hear from everyone, are you set to do any decorating in 2018 and if so, what trends would you like to try out? I'm definitely going to be mixing my metals up and adding to my plant collection. I would also like to try and incorporate some really big art somewhere but I have no idea where yet!

For those of you that read my previous posts, you will also notice that the blogging platform has changed. I think this one looks a bit better and is a bit more user friendly, what do you think?

Happy New Year all x

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