• Laura


I've got another busy few weeks coming up, so to keep my inspiration up, I thought it might be fun to set myself a little Autumn photo challenge!

I find photo challenges so much fun, and it's a great way to unleash some extra creativity with inspiration from the themes below…. If you want to get involved, I might even organise a PRIZE for one lucky person.

The themes -

1. Comfort Food

2. Leaves

3. Autumn blooms

4. Aroma

5. Favourite autumn recipe

6. Apples

7. Home in autumn

8. Treat

9. Cosy

10. Afternoon view

11. Autumn reads

12. Warm drink

13. Autumn outfit

14. Pumpkin

15. Sunny day

What you need to know -

· Anyone, anywhere can take part in the challenge (however for postage reasons I may have to limit sending the prize to Europe only!)

· You can take photos however you like them, doesn't matter whether you use a phone or a camera, it’s the taking part that counts

· You have until the 31st October to post 15 images using the hashtag #wiisautumn in whatever order you like

· Please tag me in your pictures so I can see them!

· Every Sunday I will share some of my favourite images from the week on my stories

· You can interpret the themes however you wish - for instance "cosy" could mean anything from a snuggly shot of your sofa, a cup of tea in bed, your bubba wrapped up warm, or cuddles from your pooch

· It's an instagram photo challenge so you do need to have an account to be able to take part

· This is just for fun, and not affiliated with Instagram or any other brand

I would love to see some of you taking part, especially if you sometimes get a bit of a brain freeze and lose your insta-mojo like I do!

L x