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Updated: Aug 10, 2018

I am such a huge fan of Christmas, and this year, the most wonderful time of the year is even MORE wonderful! 

I know babies aren't going to see the 25th December as any different to any other day.  Frank is going to have no idea what's the fuss is all about, but as a (new) parent I just can't wait for all those special milestones that come with baby's first Christmas.  I'm also really looking forward to starting our very own family traditions, and bringing back some of my childhood ones.

These are some of the things I am trying this year.  I would love to hear from you guys.. What do you think… what family traditions do you have?

Make a ginger bread house - I've never made or decorated a ginger bread house but this year I am determined to try!  I don't even really like ginger biscuits to be honest but I still think it will be fun!

Decorate the nursery - this year I am planning on decorating Franks bedroom.  I have a spare Christmas tree that would normally go in my office but there isn't much point in putting one in there whilst I am on maternity leave and rarely using it.  I've bought some new tree decorations in lots of bright colours, and I'll hang snowflakes and maybe paperchains.  I won't be putting a tree in there next year when he is a bit more mobile so I'll make the most of it this year!

Make a Christmas cake.  For the last three years, I've made a Christmas cake in October with my mother in law.  It's become a lovely little annual tradition and one that I plan on continuing… hopefully next year frank will be helping stir the mixture!  I can't wait to decorate this years, I've gone for something a little bit different with gold leaf and a handmade glittery topper.

Read "The Night before Christmas."  When I was young, my mum used to sit with me and my sisters every Christmas eve and read the night before Christmas to us.  It is one of my absolute favourite childhood memories and a tradition that I am definitely going to start with Frank this year with his very own book from his nanan.  Not on the highstreet have got some lovely personalised books.

Christmas films! After a cold day out Christmas shopping, I just love snuggling up on the sofa watching Christmas movies.  You just can't beat a rainy Saturday night in with red wine, a cheese board, and the Grinch.   I will be watching my favourites with Frank this year, not that he will have any clue what's going on!

Christmas eve box.  This year I am not bothering with a box, but I have bought a new Christmas eve sleepsuit and a new book to read before bed.  When he gets a little bit older, we will do a proper box I will put a pair of pyjamas in, a book, chocolate coins, reindeer food plus a key to leave for father Christmas as we have no chimney!

Visiting Father Christmas- When my grandpa was alive he used to put on a grotto in Castleton for the Lions club to raise money for charity.  When I was little we used to visit every year, and there was one particular Father Christmas that we were particularly fond of one year, not realising it was actually my gramps!  The lions don't do their grotto anymore, the last one was 3 years ago, in the December my grandpa passed away but there are others.  Obviously a 6 month old is going to have no clue who the big man in red is, but we are still going to take him to Castleton to see the lights and pay Father Christmas his first visit.

Hanging a stocking.  I found the most gorgeous little stocking from NOTHS, as I will be bringing it out every year I wanted something traditional that I really loved.  It's only a small one but most of the presents will be under the tree so it's only going to hold a few smaller bits, plus a satsuma, some pennies, and nuts!

Needless to say I am VERY excited for this Christmas this year.  I never put any decorations or anything up before the 1st of December but from now on, expect none stop Christmas spam! 

Happy Friday All! x

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