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Updated: Aug 10, 2018

I started writing this a couple of weeks ago and then stopped because I just ended up buying half the stuff I found… for myself.  Epic fail on the self gifting front.  But then I decided to try and exercise a little willpower (this is difficult for me, I'm that girl that gets organised and buys selection boxes whilst on offer, only to eat them before December is even a week in) and I've put together a bit of a gift guide for you. 

Whether you are like me; a super organised crimbo shopper, or a last minute Harry that ends up dashing around your nearest shopping centre on Christmas eve, there are ideas for everyone.  I've pretty much finished my shopping now, I've done most of it online because I hate having to battle through the Christmas shopping crowds and there are definite benefits to shopping from your sofa… pjs, mum bun and a glass of vino anyone? 

So pop your feet up, get a christmas film on and feast your eyes on this little lot…


Slippers because a) a girl can NEVER have too many slippers and b) they have pom poms. Enough said.

The hat of the season - the beret

For the super organised, a diary - or for that slightly more special gift, this one is absolutely gorgeous!

For the lipstick lover, this is a must have. 

Top of my list this year is a new coat.  What I would really love is a moncler... but I'm not sure I've been quite good enough this year for santa to leave one of these under the tree, but perhaps I've earnt one of these instead?  I know its not exactly a budget option, however it's an investment coat that will come out year after year!

A jumper is always a safe option as a Christmas gift and this one from H&M will look great all through the winter.

For a touch of lounging luxury, the white company bed socks are a must.  And currently 20% off… it would be rude not to.

I absolutely love the idea of this journal

A good pair of winter boots like these Chloe ones, which are right up there on my lust list!  For a more affordable option, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Timberlands

For the designer beauty queen, look no further than the Louboutin make up range!  This eyeliner, or their nail varnishes are bound to put a smile on any girls face.

A lovely pair of PJ's for snuggling down in after Christmas dinner


Slippers - because the same applies for guys as it does for girls.  Although without the pom poms.

A wallet I don't know about you guys, but every year one of the men in my life seems to need a new wallet?!

A decent shirt.  Either a classic, plain white option such as this one from Paul Smith, or something a little more on trend with this one by Barbour

For the traveller, a decent weekend bag, or wash bag will make their trips slightly more bearable.

For the bearded gent, a care kit

A scarf and/ or gloves are never a bad idea and this set hits the nail right on the head.

For the manicure king

This ticks so many gifting boxes for boys… gadget? Check.  Film geek? Check.  Star Wars? Check.  Wife of the year award? Check.

The Sonos One is the ultimate home gift for the tech savvy.


Beard decorations because, why not?

Socks!  I ALWAYS need (want) socks!  These ones from Kenzo come in his and hers options

For the daily planner, this daily goals desk pad is a must.

The accessory of the year - tassel earrings

For the globetrotters, these little books are a fun and practical gift option

A bit of wall art that not only looks great, but will be fun to do as well 

A fun game for the…. Family?

Chocolate from Hotel Chocolat will ALWAYS be well received in my house!  A great stocking filler for him, her, and kids alike!  There are so many festive options to choose from I couldn't just pick one.


This photo album is just gorgeous!

Candles are a great gift for the home lover, and there are so many great options out there!  The winter candle from White Company is literally Christmas in a candle.  These marble pillar candles are available in black or grey and then the most coveted of them all, the Diptyque gift set -   and don't forget the matches to light them!

For the coffee lover, this copper cafetiere

Our table lamp is the perfect finishing touch for any room

The White Company year in memories photo frame is a stunning gift.  Although I'm not sure it would be all that easy to wrap!

For the booze lover… err everyone then??  This copper decanter is gorgeous, and a really reasonable price.  And these matching champagne flutes are the ultimate fizz lovers gift!


Kate Spade travel guide - cities from around the world through the eyes of a Kate Spade girl

For the fashionista

For those with wonderlust, the lonely planets ultimate travel list compiles 500 unmissable sites and attractions around the world.

For insta-fans, this social media bible

Extraordinary interiors by Rockett St George is the ultimate coffee table book for interior fans

For busy people, 101 ways to live well is full of life hacks to look after yourself more.


It's so easy to get caught up in the Christmas hype… gifts for all the family, a new outfit or two for parties, fizz filled nights out, cheeseboards galore… but what about those less fortunate…?  It's so important not to forget how lucky we all are, and (particularly at Christmas) try and give a little back to others.

Age UK provide companionship and support for the millions of older people who have no one to turn to, and are chronically lonely.  You can make a financial donation here or time and companionship here

Shelter help provide support and housing to millions of people every year. You can donate here

There are also local charities providing homeless support which you can get involved with, in Sheffield we have the Archer Project which is run by the cathedral.  You can donate here or in kind, by helping provide some of the care items they so desperately need such as sleeping bags and clothes.

Unicef need funds to help protect more than 8 million of Syria's children from the harsh winter.  You can donate here

So there you have it.  And I've managed to write the whole post without getting distracted by a single item and buying it for myself… result!  Hope you enjoyed the 2017 gift guide and it's been useful.

Happy Friday All! x