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And just like that - it was nearly a month since my last post! Just as I was starting to get into the swing of things, life kinda got in the way and I've been so busy I've not had time to stop.

This weekend, apart from my dads birthday bonfire tomorrow, I'm trying to have a quiet one. It's getting to the time of year when weekends are ridiculously busy… all lovely, exciting things which I can't wait for, but hectic all the same!  So with that in mind, I wanted to try and make the most of a few quiet nights in, and just stop for a minute.  Something I rarely do.

It's probably a well-known fact by now, that (particularly at this time of the year!) I will generally choose a night in over a night out… cold, dark, wet, and windy walks between bars and restaurants to get shoved around in overcrowded spaces and end up with aching feet and an even more painful head…?  No thanks. 

As soon as Autumn hits, I am ALL FOR hygging (word?!) the shit out of life.  So tonight I'm putting on my comfies, dimming the lights, turning the heating up and hiding from the world. Here is my 6 step guide to cosy night in perfection...


An obvious start… but an absolute essential!  Not only do they provide a nice warm, relaxing, soft lighting, but they fill the room with your favourite aromas.  For me, I change my candles and scents around based on the time of year and season.  In Autumn, it's all about the pumpkin spice… by the end of November I move on to the White Company's "Winter" scent which is basically Christmas in a candle.  I don't limit the use of scented candles to cosy nights in either!  Some days if I'm working at home, I will literally light every candle I have in every room to fill the house with lovely smells.


I love love LOVE snuggling up in cosy, thick, soft knit blankets!  I create my own little cosy area on my sofa with lots of cushions, a couple of blankets, and the dog (she insists on getting under any blanket available to her!) I've got a couple of lovely throws from the likes of Ikea, Dunelm, and H&M - all of which do fantastic value for money snuggly blankets - but this year I'm on the lookout for something slightly more indulgent. 


Sometimes, I actually want a night off the screen time to curl up with a book, or a magazine.  Other times I want a good film… but the husband and I have very different ideas of what that is!  I have annual favourites which make an appearance every single year (despite his protests!) such as hocus pocus for Halloween, and ALL the Christmas films.  It's a bit early for Christmas films yet (even for me, a die hard Elf fan) but it's a great time to watch a classic feel good movie.


You can't have a successful night in without some sort of comfort food can you?!  I mean, I am TRYING to be good at the moment, but I draw the line at rabbit food for a cosy evening in.  If I'm going savoury, I'll cook myself a big chilli (slimming world syn free = more room for sweet treats!) in the slow cooker… and for something sweet, well, we all know I love to bake! 


Whether it's a cup of tea (decaf for me!) hot chocolate, or even a mulled wine… you can't get cosy without your favourite hot drink in your hands!  I don't drink hot chocolate very often, and definitely not in the spring/ summer, so if I fancy one at this time of the year, I make it indulgent.  Think marshmallows, whipped cream, and sometimes a hint of cinnamon which not only smells divine, but tastes pretty good as well!


Autumn and winter are all about being warm and cosy!  You have no idea how much I wish it was socially acceptable to actually leave the house in your comfies every day, but unfortunately it's not.  So for tonight, take your make up off, let your hair down, take your bra off and snuggle up in some super soft loungewear, a dressing gown, and some slippers. 

So you're all set… add in a hot water bottle and fairy lights in abundance and you will be in hygge heaven.  Pet or child optional for extra snuggle factor. 

Have a lovely weekend folks

L x

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