• Laura


Updated: Aug 10, 2018

I do believe there are two kinds of people - those who love uggs, and those who don’t. I am firmly in camp love. Yes I know what you're thinking…. Why are we still wearing Uggs in 2018?

Well, firstly, seeing as one of the queens of fashion (Alexa Chung) did recently direct a campaign for them featuring Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely, they can't be all that bad. Secondly, they are the comfiest thing you will ever put on your feet. When you're rushing around in the crappy English weather, there is nothing finer than chucking on a pair of jeans with your Ugg boots.

So what is it that divides the masses? Some hate them, some love them, and some secretly love them. Could it be because they are ugly? (and let's face it, they ARE super ugly) or is it because they were so over done in the 2000's after *that* picture of Sienna Miller rocking a pair in full on festival mode sent everyone into a mad fashion frenzy that they became a massive fashion faux-pas. Or did they?

Did people REALLY stop wearing uggs? Or did they just hide their love affair with the worlds most snuggliest boot? I will never stop wearing mine, especially now I've reached that age/ time in my life where I value comfort as much as style! Plus, I firmly believe that they can actually look quite good if they are worn with the right outfit.

So, what is acceptable Ugg etiquette? And how do I wear mine?!

1 - Wear for a casual look, and keep your outfit simple

2 - Sorry guys, but unless you are female, don't even think about it.

3 - If they look tired, throw them away. No one wants to see a saggy Ugg ankle or half worn soles.

4 - Do not wear uggs with mini skirts or shorts. Ever.

5 - Wear your Uggs with leggings, boyfriend jeans, or skinny jeans. If you can get away with it, maybe a boho style dress… but not many people can. I'm not one of them.

6 - Uggs are for colder seasons, not Summer. Unless it is particularly cold and you are sticking to rule number 3 and not cracking out the denim cut offs.

7 - Go for the short or mini options for a more understated look.

And that's it… the basics covered!

There is nothing quite like a pair of Uggs. Warm and cosy, they are the next best thing to wearing your slippers outdoors, and sometimes, a girl just wants to leave the house wearing big, comfy, snuggly boots, is that a bad thing?

For inspiration, these pictures show how Uggs can be both stylish AND comfortable. Win.

I would love to know - which camp do you fall in to? Love or hate? And to the boys, are they the man repellers we are led to believe?

Images from Pinterest, head over to my page for more inspo.

Laura x