• Laura


Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Our little whirlwind of love turned one last week! What a year, what a joy he is… and how WILD!

I knew I wanted to use animals in party hats, so that (and his wild temperament!) set the theme for the party… Wild One… how very fitting!

We spent his actual birthday enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Just the three of us going for a walk in Matlock with a trip to the aquarium, followed by lunch in Bakewell. The day after (my birthday!) we celebrated with all our friends and family at his party which we hosted at home.

I really enjoyed planning and making everything for his party and I've had lots of questions about all the details, so here they are!

Firstly, the invitations…

I used a free template here and used the designs to create my own individual invitations which I LOVED!

"Wild One" is quite a popular theme and can be interpreted in many ways… I decided to go for a jungle/ safari take on it. Combining the animals with lots of greens, leaves, with giant animal balloons for the kids, and rose gold accents for the grown ups (me)

I bought a load of Schleich animals and made mini hats for them. I had about 30 hats to make in total… I used this tutorial which has a pdf stencil you can use for the hat template.

I made the cake myself, to be honest I wasn't happy with how it looked at all (I've made much better), but it tasted good so that's the main thing!

It was a 4 tier lemon sponge filled with lemon curd and buttercream with sugar strands up the outside. It was a bit of a rush job and due to the heat I couldn't quite get it to set properly in the time that I had so I just had to make do!

I put some of the animals on the top of the cake along with the amazing cake topper I got from Fred and Robin (link below)

For the front of the buffet table I made some paper tassels using this tutorial here and then finished it off with a rose gold happy birthday garland.

I put a dark grey table cloth on our dining table and used leaf placemats from Dunelm and mini leaf sprinkles to decorate the table before putting the food out. I used the remaining sprinkles to decorate all the other surfaces and hung a matching garland on the shelf opposite.

My absolute favourite part of the décor was the balloon arch that my wonderful sisters helped me assemble on the morning of the party!

I found this tutorial which made it really easy to create the perfect arch - I stuck with dark green, black and white balloons with some wire palm leaves hooked on and then used rose gold "wild one" balloons to finish the whole thing off. It was definitely a great focal point!

I have been taking milestone pictures every month since Frank was born and I printed one from each month to make into a 12 month photo banner. The banner itself was about £2 from ebay and I printed retro style polaroid photos from photobox… it looked amazing! For the pennies it cost, so many people commented on it and it's something I can keep forever, in fact I don't want to take it down!

We kept the food really simple with a buffet. The weather was beautiful and definitely barbeque worthy but I wanted us both to be able to enjoy the day rather than one of us spending all afternoon cooking and the other running round after an over excited Frank! Jigsaw sandwiches and mini pizzas for the kids, cheese and antipasti platters for the grown ups followed by chocolate cupcakes and birthday cake.

I decided not to bother with party bags. I figured they were generally just full of tat that no one will ever use so instead I put the money to good use and ordered some animal cookies.

I worked with Sarah at Eat My Cake who came up with some wonderful designs for me which tasted as good as they looked and were an absolute win with the kids! And the adults come to think of it.

Because I wanted the party at home, and we had a lot of guests, I wanted to keep it outside as much as possible. We had about 40 people on the day and we just wouldn't have been able to cope with that many in the house!

I set the dining room up for the food space and then used our courtyard at the back for the main event. I hired a bouncy castle for the bigger kids and then a big soft play for the babies, we put a couple of gazebos up and a trestle table for the drink station and everyone just milled about outside enjoying the sunshine.

All in all we had a wonderful day but my god was it busy! Frank had a whale of a time so it was more than worth the effort that went in to it.

How did you celebrate your little ones first birthday? I'd love to hear everyone else's experiences!


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