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Updated: Aug 10, 2018

Anyone who has seen my Instagram will not be surprised to hear that I love a good gallery wall.

Now we've (finally) had the stairs and hallways painted, I can (finally!!) hang some bits on the wall and I've been working on another gallery space. The original idea was to use some vintage Italian tourism posters that we picked up in Sicily on our honeymoon, but when I had another proper look at them I realised that they were different sizes so it wasn't going to work as a single theme. Instead I have used them as the base for the gallery wall and then used other images and photos from our travels and family time.

Creating a gallery wall in your home can be an affordable way to transform a room with paintings, photographs, illustrations and personal pieces that matter to you. Whether you want to create a statement in your living room or simply make a staircase or blank wall come alive, a gallery is a fun way to express yourself and showcase favourite items. If you haven't done one before, it can seem a bit daunting, but it really is quite simple.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you get started -

Pick a style - this is the key part - a gallery wall is an opportunity to reflect your passions and interests, and can be tied together by a theme, colour/ image pallete. For a more eclectic look, go with a bit of random/ disorder, but for something a bit more classic, go for a grid with a simple co-hesive scheme.

Figure out if you would like your wall to follow a colour scheme, or whether you want to use the same frames etc.

Don't be scared to use a mixture of frames. On one wall, I have used matching frames/ picture sizes etc, but my favourite walls are the slightly more interesting ones which have a number of different styles and colours. The best place I have found for buying your basic frames are Ikea. Their Ribba range comes in black or white and loads of different shapes/ sizes. For my newest wall, I will be mixing up a load of different frames from Ikea plus some brass/ glass hanging frames which I will hang using some nice hooks like these

For great affordable artwork, check out Desenio - https://desenio.co.uk/ If you want to use something more than pictures, look at using natural textures in frames, antlers, pages from your favourite book etc.

Tip - a good guideline for spacing when doing a gallery wall is 5 fingers apart.

Lay it out - planning your wall (especially if you haven’t done one before!) is a good idea. You can do this by laying out the pieces of your gallery wall on the floor. Create a space on the floor a similar size to the wall that you want to fill, and start with your main or key pieces and build it out from there. If you are using ornamental items as well as frames, mix them evenly throughout the wall. If you are struggling, you can print templates off from places like pinterest, or, Ikea sell frame packs which include a template for hanging

Tip - if you are having trouble making a final decision on your layout, take pictures of the layout options and then have a flick through to see which you like the most.

Trial - if you still need some reassurance of your final design, you can easily mock up the wall using paper. For a large space, or one with a lot of elements, it is a good idea to do this - just use pieces of paper the same size as your frames and then tape to the wall in the order you have decided on

Tip - use washi tape for easy removal with no paint damage!

Hang it - the final stage is the easiest! Mark where you need your nail - if you have done a mock up with paper, you can really easily mark each piece where the nail needs to be, and then just hammer it directly into the mark. You can simply tear your paper placeholder once the nail is in the right place.

Don't be too scared of getting it wrong, an extra nail hole can easily be covered by a frame if you need to nudge the position slightly.

Tip - If you aren’t quite ready to go all out with a gallery wall, you can use a picture ledge such as this - ikea, or even just frame your images and lean them against a wall.

One of the great things about a gallery wall, is that once it is up, it can really easily be changed and updated whenever you feel like it.

If you are thinking of creating your own, here is a bit more pin-spiration!

Do you have any gallery walls in your home? Or is it something you plan on doing?

L x

Images from Pinterest apart from main one (which is my "lay it out" phase of the stair gallery)