• Laura


I was doing really well on the blogging front for a while there, managing to post a couple a week…. And then life just sort of snuck up on me yet again, and before I knew it, it's been nearly a month since my last post! Doh!

So what's been going on at home with WIIS…? Well, shortly after my last post, work went a little crazy as I got ready to head away for a few days with the girls before going on holiday with my little fam.


What a great weekend! I've never left Frank with the husband before, and we've only been away together for one night and left him with my mum, so it was all new to me…. But very much needed! With going back to work, and just being so ridiculously busy over the last few weeks, I didn't realise how absolutely knackered I was. I slept late, ate my own body weight in alioli, drank far too much, and enjoyed spending some child free time with my fellow mama tribe.

We ventured into Magaluf one night…

And while it was super funny, I wouldn't recommend. It's a playground for local vodka drinking, fresh faced teens of today… not for me. I haven't got the energy or patience to be harrassed as I walk past every bar with the promise of "top shelf" for cheap, and "prosecco" which turned out to be a rather disgusting cava. I just want a nice cocktail that hasn't been made with 98% proof alcohol, and some good music where I can dance with my girls. Basically, I'm too old for it.

We donned our best glitter faces and headed to a BEACH CLUB…

Now THIS was fun! Anything were I can get dressed up and wear glitter is fine by me, even if I did have to shade bathe all day for fear of funny gem shaped tan lines!

We headed into Palma, for some of the most amazing tapas and sangria I have ever tasted in my life.

I absolutely LOVED Palma, and I am already planning on returning! It reminded me a bit of Barcelona at night, I would like to see it in the day as well. We ate our fill and headed to a couple of bars, including one rather strange place which was a kind of elite (no pictures) place with a renaissance vibe filled with fresh fruit, flowers and opera music. Random. But they did a rather amazing amaretto sour so I was happy as can be.

There was also a little bit of time for sunbathing, reading, and generally just enjoying a slower pace of life than I've become accustomed to of late.

I got home on the Sunday evening, had another mad busy work week (including an overnight stop for meetings in Manchester on the Wednesday) before heading home on Thursday to wrap up yet again and start packing for our family trip to Cornwall the day after. Not going to lie, it was a bit of a frantic evening on Thursday, and even more so Friday morning as I tried to get everything packed and organised to leave for lunch time!

We decided there was absolutely no way on earth we were going to attempt the full drive down to St Ives in one go with Frank (Pig went for her holidays at my dads house as she doesn't do car journeys very well!) so we planned our route to stop about half way, there and back.


What a beautiful place! It's been on my list of places I want to visit for ages now but I've never quite got round to it. We got there later than planned so we only had a few hours to enjoy the sights on Saturday morning before packing back up and leaving for St Ives.

What we did see I fell in love with, and we are definitely going to be going back, hopefully in the Winter we can leave Frank for a night with my mum and spend a night there, the shopping looked FAB.


I didn't really know what to expect from our week in Cornwall, as I've never (as an adult) bothered to holiday in the UK. Before Frank, it was just so easy to hop on a plane and head somewhere new and exciting with guaranteed sunshine and I didn't see the point of staycation-ing. And whilst I will never give up my holidays abroad, I would definitely love to spend more time discovering our home country!

We had such fun as a family, we ate together every day (which is such a rare treat for us!) we played on the beach, walked for miles, ate fish and chips and ice cream, generally just having a great time.


Another place on my "desperately want to visit" list was the Cotswolds. And after spending a short time there, it is again somewhere I want to go back and explore more. We stayed in Stow-on-the-wold purely because it was the only place I could find a cottage that I could rent for only one night at a weekend (I can see why, the cottage was bloody horrible!) but it was a lovely little village/ town. I would love to head back in the autumn and spend a weekend there.

So there you have it! Much distraction from blogging over the last month, but normal service has just about resumed now so I'll be back to some regularity soon. I've got a few posts lined up and almost ready to go, including (finally!) my "meet the blogger" post where I answer some of your Instagram questions. What I'm looking forward to, and why I love Autumn.

Happy Thursday folks.

L x