• Laura


It’s been a while.

I took the summer off…. For no other reason than life got in the way, as it has a habit of doing. Every time I go through a little blogging spurt I tell myself “this is it, from now on, I am going to be more organised and make time to do one of the things I love to do, write” and then I keep it up for a few weeks before falling off the wagon again.

As writing/ Instagram have become a bit of a hobby for me (I don’t use either platform for business, or to generate any source of income) I really want to try and make the time to do it more – because let’s face is, time is precious, and this is the one thing I do for “me” so I should MAKE time to do it. I’ve decided the key to maintaining consistency is more around planning, and scheduling posts properly which I haven’t done before.

So I’m back (again) and I’m aiming for a post a week to start… nothing too over ambitious, just enough to get me back into the swing of things.

So what has been going on… Since we last spoke in March… a whole 6 months ago! Crikey, that’s even longer than I thought. Well, what better time to review the Summer, than the start of Autumn?


Firstly (and possibly a key reason to the lack of blogging!) Work got CRAZY busy after I took a new account base on. I was given the opportunity to take a slight step up and take on more responsibility, so snatched at the chance, and my feet haven’t really hit the ground since!

We took our first holiday of the year to Majorca. It was bloody lovely, but a definite learning curve around travelling with a toddler…. We learnt a LOT around what not to do that’s for sure 😉

We had a heatwave over Easter, which was perfect time for a chocolate egg hunt in the garden...

We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary… which was spent with me working up in Glasgow… oops.


May is always busy for me due to 3 very important birthdays (my mum, sister, and hubby) so we spent most the month eating cake to be honest.

All cakes made by moi

That being said, the highlight of the month for me was going to see my absolute all time FAVES the Spice Girls in Manchester.


Two more VERY IMPORTANT birthdays fall in June …. It was not only Franks 2nd birthday on the 22nd, but also my birthday the day after.

Another month spent consuming lots of cake, but not TOO much, because I also headed over to Majorca at the end of the month for one of my besties hen do’s.


July was the month of the big road trip.

For those who followed our travels through Europe, you will know that we spent 3 weeks driving around Europe. We stopped at 14 cities in 6 different countries, covering nearly 2000 miles.

It was the most incredible adventure (one that I will dedicate it’s own very post to!) and we got to see, experience, and eat some amazing stuff.


Back from our road trip in the 1st week of August, the rest of the month was pretty much spent catching up on work, laundry, ironing, and more laundry… with just one small little distraction of my friends beautiful wedding.

N.B. Obvs this isn't the bride and groom


Well that brings us pretty much up to date.

Not a lot has really happened in September as it has been crazy busy with work. July and August tends to be pretty quiet in the world of IT sales due to summer holidays and nothing getting signed off, which is great when you’re taking advantage of your own annual leave, but not so great when everyone returns to work in a flurry and you’ve got targets to hit.

What am I up to next…?

My diary is absolutely crazy from now until the New Year, both work and personal, so free time is limited, but it’s my favourite time of the year so whatever free time I do have will be spent soaking up Autumn and early Winter (and documenting it, obvs)

There will be family time a plenty, lots of Sunday dinners, a sneaky lil date weekend to Cambridge with the hubs, plus my favourite seasonal activities such as pumpkin picking, Halloween parties, bonfire night etc…

Work is busy, but it’s always good being busy (as long as it’s productive and manageable!) I’ve also taken on a role as an active ambassador within our MARC (many advocating real change) and WIA (women in action) groups which will mean more focus on helping other women who are looking at technology as a career, and how we can reduce the gender gap within STEM. Expect to see blog posts around this work as it is something I am really passionate about!

On the social media front… I’ve ventured into the land of podcasts (finally) and I’ve started listening to hashtag authentic which has given me some great inspiration, plus I’m going to put some time aside to revisit the Instagram Retreat with Me & Orla seeing as I never actually made it past week 3 (doh!)

I’ve also booked a photography course in November, nothing too technical, it’s just a beginners course with the super talented S6 photography (my wedding photographer coincidentally) mainly to figure out how to actually use my camera, seeing as I have no idea and still use my phone for everything.

I’ve also managed to write and schedule a few more posts so keep your eyes out… I’m definitely broadening my horizons and will be talking about everything from work, being an advocate for women in technology, recipe shares, healthy lifestyle hacks, to travel and favourite fashion finds.

The website and name are still a work in progress so no change there for now… but that’s not to say it won’t be changing in the future, but one thing at a time eh… !


For reading and sticking with me.

Until next time

L x